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Cat Magic: Mews, Myths & Mystery

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In German they are called ket, in French, chat, in Arabic, quttah – but with little concern for what name we've assigned them, cats have sauntered into almost every corner of human society and history. In ancient Egypt a cat-faced goddess was worshipped and immortalised in the art of Egyptian tombs. In Scandinavian lore, Freyja, a goddess of the night, rode in a cart drawn by cats. Cats appear in our folktales and in our literature, even in our everyday speech. In CAT MAGIC, Patricia Telesco takes us on a fascinating tour of the different roles cats have played in human experience. With over 50 illustrations it documents the appearance and importance of cats in our mythology, in the spiritual teachings and religious practices of our ancestors and in totems, spells and other rituals of magic. CAT MAGIC tells of cat ginii and of charms of protection. It explains astrology for determining your cat's personality, creating magical blessings and using crystal and colour therapy for the feline in the house. Mysterious and independent, cunning and fierce, gentle and affectionate, cats continue to win our hearts and imaginations, providing a link to our past and present and to ourselves. Examines the mythological significance of acts in our legends and folklore and provides an overview of cats and feline imagery in spiritual traditions around the world Presents the feline connection to magic, including amulets, charms, spells and rituals
Författare Telesco, Patricia
Förlag Destiny Books
Mediatyp Häftad
Utgiven 1999-10-01
Vikt 376 g
Sidantal 167
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9780892817740
Mått 177 x 178 x 15 mm