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Art Magick

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The serendipitous event of this grimoire making its way into your hands is evidence of the buzzing creative power calling out from within you. It's time, Art Witch. This inspirational grimoire invites you to the shimmering primordial crossroad of the imagination where art and magick meet. Discover the basics of art magick: what art magick could be, how to enrich your life with art magick, how to cast potent spells for yourself, loved ones and community, and enjoy the energizing thrill of a creative magickal practice to call your own. Learn how to: · Enchant art tools and materials to produce soulful creations. · Create sacred spaces, altars and magickal allies for healing, fun and growth. · Harness colour, celestial aid, poetry and personal symbols to create layers of meaning. · Banish creative doubt and strengthen your intuitive instincts. · Choose art forms and context for robust spell craft. · Uncover your gifts and enchant your world with a wide variety of media. With step-by step instructions and illustrations for over 15 projects, ART MAGICK reveals how to make an array of bewitched objects and establish your very own art magick practice, including your own pop oracle set, scrying mirrors, magickal mandalas, protection plushies, healing weavings, altar boxes, print process sigils, manifestation mobiles, spirit statuary, dream incubation eggs, otherworldly wands and more. Whether you are a curious beginner, experienced crafter, dabbling magician or recovering creative, ART WITCH, Molly Roberts will be your guide as you explore a colourful animated world that lies just beneath the surface¯a world where your imagination and personal power collide to create real magick. Are you ready to awaken the Art Witch within?
Vikt 542 g
Utgiven 2022-03-08
Mediatyp Häftad
Sidantal 128
Författare Molly Roberts
Språk Engelska
Artikelkod 9781446308899
Mått 212 x 275 x 10 mm
Förlag David & Charles Ltd