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Blueprint for your castle in the clouds

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Longing for a retreat? A safe haven where you can disappear from the world for awhile? A Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds is an inspirational guide that will help you lighten up your life by showing you how to design twenty-five mind expanding rooms to uncloud your thinking and create new opportunities in your life. Every room in your Castle in the Clouds has a special meaning and offers new insights perspectives to look at yourself in a completely new and original way. This beautiful book with the author's charming four-colour illustrations includes blueprints for: • The Mental Spa: For inner cleansing of intrusive, bothersome thoughts. • The Royal Suite of Evil: Where your dark side will be so comfortable you'll always know where it is (and it will stop surprising you at inopportune times). • A Small Chapel for Your Soul: Where you can release your ego and let go of false ideas. • The Hall of Tears: Where you are allowed to cry as much as you want. • The Library: Where you learn to trust your intuition when facing a problem or dilemma. • The Kitchen: Helps digest information and things that have been said to you.
Författare Barbara Sophia Tammes
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Hay House UK Ltd
Utgiven 2013-01-07
Vikt 497 g
Språk Engelska
Mått 181 x 230 x 16 mm
Sidantal 160
Artikelkod 9781781800843