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Divinatory Tarot

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This represents the culmination of Papus work on the Tarot. This book represents a chance to fully understand this master of the occult 's mature thinking on the philosophy of the Tarot and his system of reading the cards.The book is devoted to a practical, detailed discussion of divination by Tarot, including reproduction of a lengthy compendium of divinatory meanings which depend from the eighteenth century French Tarotist Etteilla and his followers.Additionally, a significant portion of the book is devoted to drawings for an entire Tarot deck by Gabriel Goulinat. They include Egyptianized figures and numerous correspondences with other metaphysical systems, e.g., alphabets and astrology, and carry key words or phrases to facilitate divination and discussion of esoteric philosophy.
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Artikelkod 9781904658054
Språk Engelska
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Förlag Red Wheel Weiser
Författare Papus
Utgiven 2007-05-01
Mått 130 x 197 x 15 mm