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Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards: Spiritual Teachings Of The Sioux (

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This book and beautifully illustrated deck draw on the ancient Lakota ritual of healing and purification known as the sacred Inipi, or sweat lodge ceremony, which has existed in the Lakota culture for thousands of years. The cards and accompanying book comprise a self-contained and highly original system that will help you harness creative energies to deal with issues that are of concern in your life. Used for self-discovery rather than divination, the cards gently guide you toward inner growth and self-knowledge in the time-honored tradition of the Lakota people. 50 cards, illustrated in vibrant colour, access the powerful symbols and teachings of the Inipi, capturing the spirit of this ancient ceremony. In a variety of spreads the authors show you how the cards can provide you with an expanded vision of your being and purpose, offering an intimate sense of walking in balance between the conscious world and the world of spirit. 50 full col cards
Författare Fire Lame Deer Archie et al
Sidantal 192
Utgiven 1993-10-01
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Kort/tarot
Mått 164 x 239 x 44 mm
Artikelkod 9780892814565
Förlag Inner Traditions
Vikt 839 g