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The 'Bad' Girl's Guide to Better

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Casey Beros is sick of women feeling bad about themselves. Bad about their slip ups, their successes and the size of their pants. You see, Casey has made a lot of mistakes. Some she made a few times, just to ensure they really sunk in. But after more than a decade spent interviewing experts about health and happiness, Casey has learned to turn her mess into a message: you are not your mistakes. It's time to shrug off the shame, do away with the disappointment and start loving your story, because you deserve whatever you want out of life - and this book is about helping you get it (and making sure you have a bloody good time along the way). Written for all the bad girls (and good ones, too), The 'Bad' Girl's Guide to Better offers a hilarious and poignant take on growing through some of your worst behaviour to step into a better, brighter future - from upgrading your emotional intelligence to fixing your relationship with money, navigating friendships, forgiving your parents and finding the one(s). A bestie in a book, it will soothe your soul, make you giggle and alter your perspective on the most important relationship in life: the one with yourself. Because life is a sh*tload easier when you have your own back.
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Författare Casey Beros
Utgiven 2021-09-02
Artikelkod 9781911668053
Vikt 388 g
Mått 155 x 235 x 25 mm
Förlag Murdoch Books UK Ltd