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The Chinese Birthday Book: How to Use the Secrets of Ki-Ology to Find Love, Happiness, and Success

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Transform your life today by learning your ki-ology life number. In The Chinese Birthday Book, Takashi Yoshikawa explains the exact nature of ki energy and the principals of ki-ology. He describes what these principles mean to us both as individuals and in our relationships to others and identifies the nine types of ki and their ruling elements and attributes, determined first by the year of birth (Basic Number), which describes your fundamental personality traits and then by the month (Control Number), which describes your spirituality. A third number (Tendency Number) reveals your habits and behavioral tendencies. In this helpful guide to a happier life, Yoshikawa outlines 108 personality types including the qualities, dispositions, and tendencies of each. He provides easy-to-use charts and a step-by-step guide to plumbing the depths of each type and for successfully navigating our way through life. As Yoshikawa states: "The better we know ourselves, our vehicles, and our intended destination, the easier it is to gain control over our lives. By using your energies correctly, you can achieve all your dreams and happiness." * Amazingly accurate system with very specific advice on how to achieve greater success, health, love, and joy in life.
Författare Takashi Yoshikawa
Mediatyp Häftad
Utgiven 2008-02-01
Sidantal 408
Språk Engelska
Vikt 503 g
Artikelkod 9781578633920
Mått 153 x 27 x 227 mm
Förlag Red Wheel Weiser