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Toward The Light : Rescuing Spirits, Trapped Souls, amd Earthbound Ghosts

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Stories of ghosts and hauntings have frightened us since the beginning of time. Until recently, few have dared to contact the deceased and discover the true nature of earthbound spirits and the phenomena they create. Our understanding of the afterlife has evolved, and with it the reality that ghosts are just like us, facing many of the same problems we face every day. Spirit rescue mediums are “psychologists for the deceased,” helping them peacefully transition to the other side. TOWARD THE LIGHT is the first guide dedicated solely to spirit rescue and its role in saving earthbound spirits from their self-imposed exile on earth. It is a guide to rescue mediumship, a form of spirit communication used to counsel and aid the deceased in crossing over. It is the first book that will help you understand things from a ghost's perspective, and will cover such diverse topics as: · Why spirits remain earthbound and the emotions associated with this decision · Places of interest for earthbound spirits and the reasoning behind their residency · Techniques and tools used by rescue mediums · Psychic protection tools and techniques for all levels of spirit activity · The different vibrational levels of spirit attachments · Residual energy and the techniques used to clear it away.
Artikelkod 9781632650009
Författare Amy Major
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Mått 133 x 210 x 10 mm
Sidantal 192
Förlag New Page Books
Utgiven 2015-05-31
Vikt 350 g