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Water Alchemy Oracle

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Water is the most sacred element on our planet. It is everywhere, within us and around us, and without it there can be no life. As a spiritual element, water is closely linked with our emotional world and the powers of intuition as well as being aligned with divine feminine wisdom. By working with the energies of water, we can discover healing, transformation, guidance, miracles, and the manifestation of our dreams.
In this healing and divinatory oracle, Alexandra Wenman takes you on an alchemical journey to work with the healing wisdom of water to enhance your intuition, bring more fluidity and flexibility into your daily life, and offer personal healing energies to the polluted and damaged waterways of our world. The 40 high-vibration full-colour cards focus on water elements from nature, such as waterfalls, lakes, mist, ice, and sacred water sites, each beautifully illustrated with a water scene featuring magical beings, such as nymphs, mermaids, undines, goddesses, devas, and other deities. The accompanying guidebook offers a detailed interpretation of each card, explaining the healing and cleansing properties of each sacred body of water along with a channeled message and guidance from the water beings, Guardians, Angels, and Councils of Light. It also provides engaging exercises, practical rituals, and manifesting techniques to explore the powerful practice of Sacred Water Alchemy, a spiritual process to help you understand the depth and range of your emotions, purify your lower self, reunite with your divine self, reveal your spiritual gifts, and create miracles.
As you dive deeper into the mystery of the sacred waters with this oracle, you will travel deeper into yourself to gain clarity, uncover hidden treasures, heal unresolved issues, and find the courage to move forward and flow with the rhythm of life.
Språk Engelska
Författare Alexandra Wenman
Förlag Inner Traditions
Artikelkod 9781644117309
Mediatyp Tarot/Orakel
Mått 127 x 171 x 38 mm
Vikt 479 g
Utgiven 2023-05-11
Sidantal 144