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Yoga of the nine emotions - the tantric practice of rasa

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Rasas are the essence of our emotions that exist in both the body and the mind. The Tantric tradition recognises 9 Rasas that represent our basic emotions: love humour wonder courage calmness anger sadness fear and disgust. Those who practise Rasa Sadhana learn to overcome negative emotions in order to pursue better health enhanced spiritual growth and enduring happiness. Our emotions are continuously affected by the interplay of our senses the elements food and the life force in our body. In THE YOGA OF THE NINE EMOTIONS Peter Marchand offers many practical physiological and philosophical tools from Tantric and Ayurvedic traditions that can help readers change their emotional patterns. He explains the nature and purpose of each Rasa and how we can strengthen or weaken one Rasa through another. He also offers Ayurvedic cooking guidelines and daily routines for balancing sensory input and strengthening emotional health including fasting from negative emotions as well as how to energise positive ones. As we master our emotions through the practice of Rasa Sadhana we gain true control of our lives and our relationships with others.
Artikelkod 9781594770944
Författare Peter Marchand
Språk Engelska
Mediatyp Häftad
Förlag Inner Traditions
Utgiven 2006-04-21
Vikt 315 g
Mått 152 x 229 x 15 mm
Sidantal 192